Security Assessments

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Cloud Security Assessment

  • With the increased flexibility and reduced IT costs, there is a paradigm shift in data storage as all applications are migrating to cloud systems. Over the time, it created new complexities with data vulnerabilities and security issues. To have a secure cloud environment, it is necessary to assess your cloud setup for any loopholes and security bugs. We, at Scybers, can help you secure your cloud setup with our qualified Cloud Security Specialists experience.
  • We review your cloud configurations to assess your Identity & Access Management setups, Data Protection controls, Infrastructure Security configurations and the required logging & monitoring policies to ensure your cloud setup is capable to identity and report any malicious incident .
  • We also perform assessments on your cloud security architecture, which requires an in-depth understanding of your security tools and processes to identify potential vulnerabilities which can impact your cloud setup. Here, we also understand if on-boarding new applications to your Cloud environment affects the existing security setup.
  • These assessments along with interesting dashboards show the security status and other related metrics of Cloud components. Combined with scheduled security scans, Scybers delivers a comprehensive Cloud Security Assessment package.

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