Managed Security Service

Securing Microsoft O365

Is your organization on Microsoft O365? The security benefit you can unlock, to effectively protect the information assets of every employee in your O365 setup, is huge!

Scybers has the right expertise to manage your O365 security controls. We have implemented and managed O365 Security such as Security & Compliance, Azure Information Protection and Cloud App Security for large organizations where we have evolved and learnt right from the time the tools were built by Microsoft. Our managed service offerings for Securing Microsoft O365 are:

  • O365 Email Data Leak Prevention – Configure & Manage DLP policies and help you prevent data leakage
  • Data Classification & Information Rights Management – Configure & Manage Data Classification policies using Azure Information Protection & Azure RMS
  • Threat Management – Configure & Manage Malware & Phishing Policies
  • Data Governance – Govern and Manage data as per your Data Retention &Classification policies
  • eDiscovery for Investigations – Perform discoveries on your O365 platform for your legal and regulatory requirements
  • O365 Cloud App Security – Configure & Manage all your cloud apps through Microsoft’s Cloud App Security Broker (CASB). CASB enables you to enforce your organization’s security policies on your cloud applications there by gaining control of your critical data even if data is moved across cloud applications

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