Success stories

Our clients span across the globe and across number of industries.

Establishing a cybersecurity program for a rapidly growing strategy consulting company

We supported a fast-growing global strategy consulting company to establish a cybersecurity program to ensure that they are geared to protect their clients’ confidential data and meet the growing cybersecurity demands of their clients. We worked with the client’s IT team to do a comprehensive assessment of their current state of cybersecurity maturity against the industry best practices and standards. With the baseline assessment, we worked with the client’s executive team and IT team to understand the business risks and investment appetite to build a cybersecurity roadmap to improve their security posture and to enhance the client confidence.

Uncovering weaknesses in data protection program at a global semiconductor design company

Our client, a global high-tech chip design and testing company, was concerned about the efficacy of their current data protection program used in their chip testing infrastructure. They engaged Scybers to assess the data flows in a large computing farm used for chip testing to validate the data protection controls in place. Over a two-month assignment, we cataloged the data flows in the chip testing farm, identified control implementation gaps that were causing data leakages and provided a set of control and tool recommendations to the client to improve data protection in chip testing.‍

Recovering from a cyber-attack at a healthcare service provider

When a US based healthcare services providers was struck by a cyber-attack, some of their key digital infrastructures was impaired. We worked with the client to systemically restore their operations back to normal. Scybers team conducted a compromise assessment to understand the extent of the compromise and to ensure there was no active threats in the environment. Once we had a sound understanding of the attack, we worked with the client to address the weaknesses in their cyber defense program and to restore the critical systems back to their normal operating state.

Managing the end-to-end cybersecurity program for a digital marketing company

Our client, a well-established player in the digital marketing, is rapidly expanding their business with several key banking customers. Their banking customers are expecting improved level of cybersecurity maturity from the suppliers to reduce supply chain risks. Scybers team carried out an in-depth assessment and developed a tailored security roadmap with their executive team to improve the security posture of the company. We worked as the extended security team of the client in setting up security policies, process and platforms that led to the successful assessment of ISO 27001. Scybers now run a 24x7 SOC, manage security platforms, carry out attack simulation and penetration testing to help the client proactively address cyber risks and meet ongoing security requirements from their customers.

Establishing a full-fledged security program for a cloud native digital bank

A Singapore based fintech startup is building a cloud native digital only bank to meet an aggressive launch objective to go-live within a year. They were looking to bring in a progressive CISO function to rapidly establish the security framework to secure the platform and to ensure regulatory compliance. The Scybers team with deep expertise in banking and financial services, engaged with our clients’ executive team to rapidly build a security program for the bank. The wide-ranging security program included setting up the cloud infrastructure security, application security, endpoint security and enhancing the security control framework to meet ISO27001 best practices. Scybers team led by a seasoned vCISO and a team of cloud and application security specialists worked as the client’s extended team to build the security framework and to ensure regulatory compliance to get the bank launch-ready on time

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