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Scybers Partners with Global Leader in GRC Automation - Scrut Automation

Scrut Automation and Scybers in partnership offers a strong combination of security consulting backed by GRC automation to help our customers stay aware, stay ahead and stay compliant 24X7.


Mastercard collaborates with Scybers to address fast-changing third party risk landscape

Scybers will introduce RiskRecon to its existing and potential new clients across any industry that has a digital presence and help them identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Scybers partner with Netenrich and Google Cloud to deliver next generation Security Operations Center (SOC) services to enable Banking, Financial Services and High-Tech enterprises respond to emerging cyber threats at Google speed and scale.

Scybers, Netenrich and Google Cloud partnership combines the power of Scybers’ global cybersecurity expertise with Netenrich’s Security Intelligence Cloud’s data analytics, machine learning, and automation and Google Cloud’s Chronicle Security Operations Suite’s speed, scale, and threat intelligence to deliver a 24x7x365 modern cloud-native Security Operations Center (SOC) capability to help enterprises effectively respond to emerging threats at scale.

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