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As you rely more on digital infrastructure to run your business, an effective cybersecurity strategy is key to protecting your business operations, data, reputation, intellectual property, staff and customers. 

Investment in sophisticated security solutions doesn’t always mean that you are well protected from cyber-attacks.To counter the evolving cyber threats facing organizations today, business leaders must adopt an integrated approach to cybersecurity tailored to the risk profile of their business that address not only technical aspects, but also people and process elements. 

Despite the best efforts, cybersecurity breaches are inevitable, but many organizations still think they can preventall attacks by investing their resources on defense. Prudent organizations know that getting the cybersecurity strategy right is a balancing act. Instead of investingall resources and efforts to prevent breaches, prudent organizations take on a balanced approach to focus on resilience and embrace an “assume breach” “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity. 

A good cybersecurity strategy is always a journey and never a destination. It must evolve with changing business context and risks. With deep expertise in designing and leading cybersecurity strategy across a number of organizations across multiple industries, we take a balanced approach to defining an effective cybersecurity strategy for your organization to become cyber-resilient. Our approach include:

  • Assesses cyber security risk in relation to your business and critical business operations.
  • Define a holistic cyber defense program consisting of people, process, and technology elements to prevent your organization becoming a target of opportunity.
  • Define a holistic cyber reliance program that will minimize impact through disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Accept that some breaches are inevitable and plan to effectively face them.
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