Microsoft Security Services

Microsoft security platform is a powerful portfolio of cloud-native, intelligent set of security solutions for endpoints, cloud, server, IOT and network security that are connected to an advanced security intelligence and threat hunting orchestration capability that helps companies to simplify security on a single integrated ecosystem.

Microsoft solutions enable you to move towards a Zero Trust security architecture:

Protect identities and manage access

Safeguard access to resources with a complete identity solution that securely connects all your users, apps, and devices.

Stop threats with integrated, automated protection

Secure your business with security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR).

Secure your apps and resources across clouds

Safeguard your entire cloud estate with complete visibility and comprehensive protection across workloads. 

Protect and govern sensitive data

Safeguard data across clouds, apps, and endpoints by configuring protection and retention labels.

Identify and remediate risks

Prevent, investigate, and remediate both malicious and inadvertent activities within your organization.

Simplify compliance management

Assess, improve, and monitor compliance to address legal and regulatory compliance requirements.


To harness the fullpower of integrated Microsoft security solutions,it is important to ensure solutions are designed,deployed,and optimized properly. Our security architects, engineers and analysts, can help you select, integrate, deploy, and manage solutions from Microsoft to deliver value and protection fast.

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Be proactive. Take full advantage of your Microsoft security solutions to protect your business with our fully managed Microsoft Security Services.

We help you manage the new reality of digital risks with proactive and intelligent cybersecurity tailored to your business.

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