Remote Access Security

Your team shave transitioned to working remotely. While remote work offers many benefits, with the rising number of computers, tablets, smartphones and private devices accessing your corporate networks, applications and data,the range of vulnerabilities have also broadened substantially.

Remote access introduces a new set of risks to your business:
  • Loss or theft of remote access devices
  • Lack of physical security controls leading to unauthorized access
  • Rogue WIFI access points and untrusted networks leading to eavesdropping
  • Poorly protected devices without up-to-date software, enterprise firewalls, antivirus, etc. making them susceptible to malware and ransomware attacks
  • Increase in social engineering and phishing attacks that will exploits people

You will have to manage these risks effectively to keep your remote access channels secure to avoid exposing your business to new threats.

A good secure remote access strategy consists of several key aspects such as:
  • Assume threats will occur and be ready to detect and respond
  • Protect sensitive information with encryption and digital rights management
  • Build additional security measures for users with privileged access to your sensitive data
  • Employ secure authentication and access control including multi factor authentication
  • Set up secure remote access channels
  • Create a remote access policy to ensure everyone knows the do’s and don’ts and adheres to good practices

Our remote access security services can help you to reduce your remote access security risks.

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Be proactive. Talk to us about how we can help you to strengthen your remote access infrastructure.

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